Stream creation flow

Most streams will be about a single product I think. Even if they aren’t, I think you still want to pre-populate the meta-data about the stream based on what products they choose, maybe have them choose the products first. if there are multiple products, sure make them give it a title

Also couldn’t get out of the title text box about hitting enter, which was kind of scary at the time until I realized it wasn’t going to submit my thing

This is a great insight. Strava does something similar where they will default your title to “My evening run” but give you the option to change it. One less form field to fill out

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You mean when you hit enter on the keyboard right? Meaning you want the keyboard completely dismissed before you start the stream?

Correct, but I couldn’t dismiss the keyboard by clicking elsewhere on the screen which is what I’m used to. I associate enter with “submit the form”

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Understood! I also remember finding that there were textinput issues on android as well. Gotta revisit