Post stream wtf

Finish a stream, and I’m plopped on the first page for a looooong time. I have no idea what’s happening, if I need to be waiting, if I leave will it kill my video, is something important loading, is this blocking on processing the video somehow and if a streamer much longer than mine would this be even worse? Basically I have no understanding of what is coming what I’m waiting for, what this is about to show. Then when it finally decides that no one bought the product during the stream, it gives you this huge bummer message, which seems unnecessary since most volume especially early will happen from people watching streams after the fact. It’s more like “hey congrats you just streamed for X amount of time, someone will surely buy your product “

The entire post stream experience needs a revamps, just like how the buyer side had a huge revamp.

Analytics related to your stream arent showing because of the related “dead server from over zealous chat” issue

Okay cool so this seems broadly not broken then , except for the other issue with the crash and the videos disappearing

I’d strongly consider setting up uptimerobot on endpoint(s) that just check things are healthy. It would be super quick (probably <10 minutes) and text you if something is awry

I need to do this

Have even less of an excuse after doing some looking around. I use caprover which comes bundled with a full netdata dashboard. Seems like alarms come for free.

This is done!

fun side note, theres also a discord bot integration thats pretty customizable if you get deeper into the caprover netdata config.

Nice, that looks pretty sweet. One of the reasons I like uptimerobot is that the page is also for your users, but I think that’s minor. I’ve never had anything like the above for a personal project.

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Caprover does have a api that i can wrap a user faceing thing around in the future

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If you make it there, it’s the least of your concerns :smiley:

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