No shipment notification

I got no notification whatsoever, app or email, that my thing shipped today

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Checked spam and didn’t see anything

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Son of a bitch, there is no notification at all when a seller marks it as shipped.

Just quickly created and committed an email flow & a push notification.


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payload=json.dumps({“next”: “Settings__PriorOrders”})

Thanks unit tests

Huh I don’t get the last thing

payload requires a json string not whatever {{}} is. I tested the emails locally but not push notifs. That function also just logs the error but doesn’t throw an exception when is somethings f’ed up. Unit tests caught it

Gotcha. Not on typescript?

Also amazed you have the patience for unit tests

The frontend is maybe 5% typescript, but that snippet is from the django backend although. 193 passing unit tests, they’ve saved my ass more times than I can count.

Hmm interesting. How much of the saves would be caught by a typed language? What’s the cost in terms of making things more brittle?

Hard to say exactly but a lot of them are testing business logic. Eg.

def test_retrieve_product_demo_videos_only_retrieves_ones_tied_to_store

Almost all of the constraints right now are front end related anyways. It might make sense to someday have java services that handle things like a consignment feature but then you lose context and the ability to easily use object models that already exist in the main app. Would need to cast whatever JSON we got into some Product java bean that would very much mimic the Product(Model) class.

I see

While we’re at it, this might not be worth it bc it’s not going to directly drive BD and the critical growth needed, but delivery notifications would be nice…

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