Is there any way to post resting liquidity for the boutique it assets?

Not sure if you plan to pick BD back up in the future, but I wonder if there’s a way to let these assets sit and wait for a bite for a while instead of actively going out to sell? This would surely be on the order of $500k in development work if you went to a “boutique” app building shop. Speaking from experience shopping.

Added benefits of 1) available instantaneously, not waiting for months for development, 2) no risk, 3) easy rebranding…

Surely there are many indie ecommerce plays at any given moment?

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Might be worth whipping up a very basic marketing website.

Define post resting liquidity.

Also some 2 hour wix site that’s optimized on a few keywords wouldn’t hurt.

Have you considered making a NFT?

Making it known you’re ready to sell at some given price, whenever